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Hiring makes or breaks a business, and finding the “right” candidate is crucial. Don’t settle for just any employee, let us bring our methodology and eliminate your risk of a bad LATAM hire.

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The definition of “Right” candidate

The "RIGHT definition has to do with, experience, knowledge, attitude, budget, timezone, obligations, mindset, and expectation.
These are things that neither a resume or a cover letter can show, but only brought to light by an objective process that consists of pre-recorded videos, knowledge tests, personality tests, and company fitness assessments. These are part of our method, let us show you.

Our secret Sauce

of our Candidates are from LATAMWe only hire for remote positions
of our sourced candidates are still with their new companies 6 months after
savings in Headcount costGuarantee of substitution at no extra cost in case of a bad fit
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We have hire

Hiring in Latin America can provide access to a diverse, skilled workforce. The region is known for its hardworking employees and companies that are prepared to navigate the unique cultural and bureaucratic differences can find success in recruiting top talent.