CRMs suck for Agencies! Why They Should Be Called PRMs

In today's dynamic digital landscape, tools and platforms that promise to streamline operations and enhance customer relationships have proliferated. One of the most prevalent of these tools is the Customer Relationship Management system, more commonly known as CRM. But is this name truly representative of its function?

The Evolution of CRMs

Historically, CRM systems have had one primary beneficiary: the sales team. Designed to track, manage, and optimize sales processes, CRMs, in their essence, were always more about prospects than customers. From lead tracking to conversion metrics, the emphasis was clear. As an 🏢Agency Founder, I've witnessed this firsthand. Sales teams would revel in the capabilities of their CRM tools, while post-sale customer teams often found themselves relegated to spreadsheets or secondary tools.

Lost in Transition

Once a prospect becomes a customer, the real journey begins. Maintaining the relationship, ensuring satisfaction, and fostering loyalty become paramount. Yet, traditional CRMs seem to lose interest at this stage. The detailed notes, the preferences, and the pain points - all meticulously recorded during the sales process - often fade into the background.

A Name Reflective of Its Function

Given the stark focus on pre-sale interactions, wouldn't it be more appropriate to refer to these systems as Prospect Relationship Management (PRM) tools? After all, a name should reflect the primary function, and in the case of CRMs, it's all about the prospects.


As businesses evolve and the distinction between pre and post-sale interactions blurs, there's a pressing need for tools that prioritize genuine customer relationships over mere prospecting. The journey from a lead to a loyal customer is intricate and requires a holistic approach. Maybe it's time we look beyond traditional CRMs and explore platforms that truly understand the essence of customer relationship management.

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