Black Friday Saved: How we helped a popular eCommerce retailer achieve email deliverability success.

Case Study

DockATot, a global brand for infant care and parenting, knew they had an email deliverability issue and had asked a few Email Deliverability Experts before us, but none of them were able to help them identify the problem, let alone solve it.

How can a popular brand with over a million customers and subscribers suddenly have issues with emails not being engaged?

We came in at the right time

Through Gobvio’s Lead Generation campaign, we were able to reach DockATot and let them know that here at Mission Inbox we are able to quickly diagnose issues with deliverability just by studying their sending domain. They booked a call and we had a 20-minute presentation of what we found that could impact deliverability and was worth investigating and solving.

Not long after getting their report, they agreed it was sensible to engage and we immediately started with the project.

Full Email Deliverability Audit

The project was a 25-day email deliverability audit and FIX, which simply means: We will carefully study your email deliverability, spot the problem and fix it within 25 days.

We’ve carefully analyzed settings that will impact email deliverability, such as DNS settings like SPF records, DKIM authentication and DMARC. More importantly, we studied how the client sends emails, the infrastructure, the audience and frequency of the emails. There’s more to just the settings when it comes to email deliverability after all. We also analyzed how different Mailbox Service Providers (MSPs) would respond to the emails, and the biggest difference: where these MSPs would place the emails.

One way of finding out is to conduct a thorough Mailbox Placement Test where we would send samples of the email and the content to a controlled recipient list that represents all the different providers.

Our competitive edge to spot the issue

Most traditional Email Deliverability firms have limited access to Mailbox Service Providers and so usually the reports are based on some and not all popular MSPs. There’s one major issue with that and we recognize it, so we do it differently. We were able to test and discover that emails were landing in SPAM for iCloud and Apple recipients.

Knowing ‘The Enemy’ (actually they are our friends!)

From there we were able to hone in and investigate further. Our in-depth knowledge of how different providers filter spam allows us to spot what we need to change, help the client be ‘Compliant’ in order for emails to be recognized and land in the inbox.

Before and After

In 20 days, we were able to identify, spot and fix issues with iCloud and Apple email deliverability. See below.

How important are Apple and iCloud emails to a business?

Apple email recipients account for 58.67% of the total global email population. Since 2017, Apple has started to treat their email security more seriously and have been reducing the number of spam emails year on year, with 2023 being their most successful to date. Unfortunately, the amount going into Apple spam also includes legitimate businesses who were unaware of specific compliance they needed to do in order for their emails to land in Apple inboxes.

Happy Customer, Solid Testimonial

“I don't often engage with cold outreach, but Bobby's note got into my inbox just as we were realizing the deepening impact of our poor email deliverability. He was quick to turn around an audit and proposed a path forward, and in the course of a couple of weeks made substantial changes in our successful delivery. We had long been talking with other "experts" who focused solely on list clean-up, warming exercises, etc., but the technical implementations Bobby executed put us in such a better position to then focus on those traditional tactics. We were so pleased with Bobby's services that we sought to engage in other areas moving forward.”

Wrapping up

Can you imagine the impact of not being able to reach a significant chunk of your target audience for your email campaign? And you only have a few weeks before Black Friday sales? Hold that thought for a second...if you think it’s worth knowing more about how we can help you achieve email deliverability success, perhaps now is a good time to contact us before the big Holiday Sales!

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