How to get High Quality leads in Lead Generation Campaigns

How to get High Quality leads in Lead Generation Campaigns

Is your sales pipeline looking a little dry these days? Do you need more leads to hit your revenue goals? If so, you’re not alone. Lead generation is a crucial but challenging part of any successful marketing and sales strategy.

In this post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of generating quality leads, turning prospects into customers, and everything in between. You’ll learn proven lead gen strategies from our marketing expert, GM Veli. Let’s dive in!

Quality vs Quantity: How to set up a lead generation campaign

When launching a new lead generation campaign, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is: do I need quality or quantity?

As Veli explains, "It's not a foolproof solution to always go for quality. It depends on your service adoption and sales cycle" For simple, self-service products or services, quantity can oftentimes work better as prospects can easily sign up and convert on their own.

But for more complex or expensive offerings, quality leads are key. You need leads that are well-aligned to your ideal customer profile so your sales team can have productive conversations and close deals.

So how do you choose between quality vs. quantity? Veli suggests using ROI calculators and estimating:

  • Conversion rates for high-volume, low-touch self-serve signups
  • Conversion rates for sales calls with qualified, targeted leads
  • Resources required for the sales team to convert quality leads

Look at the numbers to determine if quality or quantity will yield better returns based on your offer, customer profile, and sales process.

How to Maximize High Quality Leads

Define your audience

To generate quality leads, you first need to identify your ideal customer profile (ICP). As Veli recommends, start broad and narrow down:

  • Company size: Small, mid-market, enterprise? Required features and buying processes differ.
  • Industry vertical: Which segments have the biggest need for your product?
  • Technologies used: Do you integrate with certain platforms or tools?
  • Individual roles: Who are the decision makers and buyers?

You can create multiple targeted outreach campaigns for different roles once you've defined your ICP company criteria.

"We will create one copy that's super sniper-focused on the partnership manager and the value proposition we bring as a partner," Veli explains. "But we'll have another copy that can target the CEO, CFO, CMO, VP of Sales, and VP of Marketing."

Create targeted outreach emails

Now that you've defined your audience, it's time to craft compelling outreach emails. To spark interest and replies:

  • Personalize every message with the prospect's name, company, and role
  • Communicate value aligned with what each role cares about
  • Ask questions to engage readers and start a dialogue
  • Include a clear CTA to request a meeting, free trial, content download, etc.

Avoid generic spammy language. Write like you're speaking one-on-one with your ideal customer.

Be aware that on February 1st of 2024, Gmail and Yahoo are updating their Inbox Protection Algorithms! While that's great news for inbox owners, what do these new standards mean for brands relying on email marketing?

Read this blog to understand what that means for senders and learn how to save your cold email campaigns.

Optimize Your Sales Funnel

However, generating leads is only the first step. You need to nurture prospects through your entire sales funnel using tailored content and messaging.Veli coined “Funnel pending” to describe how Gobvio treats Lead Gen campaigns.

Funnel pending helps you guide leads through all stages:

  • Leads enter at the top of the funnel through outreach
  • Marketing and sales work together to convert leads into sales
  • Continue nurturing new customers post-purchase

This end-to-end process allows you to track ROI across every funnel stage. Optimization never stops – monitor data like open/reply/interest rates to refine your approach.

Lead Generation Best Practices

Ready to get started with your own high-converting lead gen programs? Keep these proven tips in mind:

  • Test extensively before scaling: Don't stop after one failed campaign – optimize across multiple variables.
  • Have patience: Give large enough sample sizes time to yield insights.
  • Adapt to the vertical: Tactics differ across industries and buyer types.
  • Collaborate with sales: Work together to nurture and convert quality leads.
  • Watch key metrics: Open, reply, and interest rates indicate how to improve.
  • Balance patience and agility: Stick to underperforming campaigns, but pull the plug if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about lead gen? Here are answers to some common FAQs:

What’s a good email open rate?

Aim for 20% or higher. Any lower indicates issues with copy or deliverability.

What’s a good email reply rate?

1-2% is an average benchmark to strive for. Less than 1% suggests the need for better copy and targeting.

How do I know if my campaign is underperforming?

Low open, reply and interest rates show there’s room for improvement. Dig into the data and iterate.

How do I balance patience and agility with lead gen campaigns?

Stick with underperforming campaigns for a while to collect sufficient data. But also know when to pull the plug and shift resources elsewhere.

Wrapping up the Quality

In the end, getting high quality leads is about defining your ideal customer profile, personalizing outreach, and focusing on high-value segments. Always monitor interest rates as a quality indicator.

A higher quality of leads means a higher quantity of conversions.

Are you struggling with getting conversions from your lead gen campaigns? Are you getting less than a 10% open rate on your email campaigns?

We can quickly build a lead generation campaign to get you back on track. Book a free consultation with us by clicking on this link. Take a step forward in solving your business problems!

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