New Gmail Sender Update: Prevent your emails from being blocked or sent to spam

New Gmail Sender Update: Prevent your emails from being blocked or sent to spam

In their recent update, Google has clarified on their support page that bulk sender guidelines do NOT extend to messages sent to Google Workspace accounts.

This serves as a huge clarification regarding Google Workspace bulk sending limits. Contrary to previous understanding, the 5,000 email limit applies to Gmail accounts, meaning it's pertinent to sending to or accounts ONLY.

These changes will have a lesser impact on senders focusing on non-Gmail addresses, i.e., those whose email accounts belong to Google Workspace.

Gmail's New Requirements

Come February 2024, Gmail will require senders of 5,000+ emails per day to:

Implement Email Authentication

Email authentication verifies that messages come from your domain. This helps protect recipients from spoofing, phishing, and other malicious content.

To authenticate your email, Gmail requires:

  • SPF - Helps prevent unauthorized use of your domain by verifying sending IPs.
  • DKIM - Validates your domain as the sender through cryptographic signatures.
  • DMARC - Specifies how unauthenticated mail should be handled using SPF and DKIM data.

We recommend implementing all three across your sending domains. SPF and DKIM align domains with sending infrastructure, while DMARC leverages this data to boost security.

For DKIM specifically, ensure your keys are 1024 bits or longer when sending to Gmail accounts. 2048-bit keys are ideal for enhanced security.

Configuring Infrastructure

With authentication in place, optimize your sending infrastructure:

  • Add PTR records - Map IP addresses to domain names via reverse DNS for verification.
  • Mind shared IPs - If utilizing shared IPs, monitor reputation closely to avoid blocklisting.
  • Align domains - For DMARC alignment, match the sending domain to the SPF/DKIM domain in From addresses.

Facilitating Subscriptions

To build engaged, loyal audiences:

  • Confirm opt-ins - Avoid automatically checking boxes; have users actively choose.
  • Reconfirm subscriptions - Periodically ensure subscribers still wish to receive content.
  • Streamline unsubscribing - One-click unsubscribe links are now essential for bulk emailers.

Formatting for Deliverability

Proper formatting signals your email's legitimacy, improving inbox placement:

  • Follow RFC 5322 standards - Helps Gmail recognize your mail as non-spam.
  • Avoid hidden content - Don't use HTML/CSS to conceal information.
  • Simplify From addresses - Use a single, readable email address.
  • Include Message-ID header - Provides unique identifier.
  • Keep headers minimal - Excessive headers may be flagged as spam.

Best Practices

Check out the full guide on how to adapt your cold email campaigns before 2024 Inbox Updates!

Let's discuss some of the best practices for your overarching strategy:

Volume and Cadence

When increasing volume, take it slow. Monitor analytics tools to catch any issues early. Avoid large, sudden spikes in sending.

For optimal deliverability:

  • Start low - Gradually increase volume to engaged users first.
  • Send consistently - A steady, predictable cadence is better than bursts.
  • Monitor closely - Watch spam rate, reputation, and more to fine-tune your approach.

Content and Quality

Email content directly impacts deliverability. To keep your mail out of the spam folder:

  • Ensure relevance - Align subject lines with content.
  • Target engaged subscribers - Only send to those who want it.
  • Avoid purchased lists - These recipients may mark you as spam.
  • Show sender info - Display name, company, and contact info clearly

Get a Mailbox Host Platform

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What Is Mission Inbox?

Mission Inbox is an email deliverability platform that ensures your messages reach their intended recipients every time.

With a range of features, including intelligent email verification, scalable mailbox management, dedicated IP advantages, and real-time email health insights, Mission Inbox empowers your email marketing efforts with integrations to your existing email marketing processes.

How does Mission Inbox ensure higher email deliverability compared to platforms like Google and Yahoo?

Mission Inbox lives outside of Google and Yahoo servers, which means our Terms of Use are different. In addition, the M.I. platform employs advanced real-time email verification and dedicated server/IP allocation for each client, significantly reducing the risk of landing in spam folders unlike shared IP approaches commonly used by larger providers.

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Wrapping up

The new FAQs document the changes effective starting February 2024. Gmail will require senders who send 5,000 or more messages a day to Gmail accounts to authenticate outgoing email, avoid sending unwanted or unsolicited email, and make it easy for recipients to unsubscribe. It also outlines what will happen if you exceed the 0.1% or 0.3% threshold when sending to and email accounts.

Email deliverability can be a complex issue, but there are steps you can take to overcome problems and ensure that your emails reach your customers.

If you need help with email deliverability issues or if you don't have the time to deal with them, don't hesitate to contact us. We can quickly get your email campaigns back on track. Book a free consultation with us by clicking on this link. Take a step forward in solving your business problems!

This blog was written by @bobbyjimenez, a key member of Mission Inbox.

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