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How does it work?

1. Process Audit
We will audit the process to automate, understand the input and output of such process and the tools used.
2. Integrations & Tools
With the Audit results, we can assess the automation complexity, options and expected results. With approval, we will proceed to select the integration tools and platforms to use.
3. Implementation
Automation will be tested with a portion of the current workload, results and its consistency will be measured and optimizations we will made. If after a week of testing, results are satisfactory, the automation can be fully published.

Client testimonials

Our dedicated strategy team seeks to understand your needs and creates a plan for utilizing the correct outreach tool

Marcelo Hamu

Head of Sales at Arado
“Gobvio’s team helped standardizing all of our sales processes and dashboards. From getting databases to follow ups, to closes. Our +15 sales reps are thrilled at how organized and seamless everything works now. I’m already bringing Gobvio into the other companies I’m an Advisor in!”

Garret Serviss

Head of Growth Marketing at CopyAI
“We are a super lean team at CopyAI with +10M users, having the team at Gobvio come in to set up our CRM while also providing a SDM and SDR to book meetings with high-quality enterprise leads for our AEs and Solutions Engineers has been a game-changer for us.”
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